The Lazy Guide To Summer Skin Care

Hey Guys!
Today I was inspired to write about my summer skin care regime or lack of thereof which has been highly critiqued by my wonderful mother.
For me the summer is when I am running around in the city and then lounging around on the beach. There is no inbetween, once I am done going to the beach I won't be tanning anymore and this means that it is really important for me to know how to take care of my skin so that I maximize the time that is spent in the sun.
Make no mistake, this is not a DO & DON'T post - I do not view myself as the authority in this matter whatsoever. I just wanted to share the tips that have worked for me in the last 20 years.

Before you plan on tanning be sure that your skin has been prepped. This means you have two tasks.
1. EXFOLIATE - be sure that you have gotten rid of any dead skin so that there is less pealing in the long run.
2. HYDRATE - your skin needs to be hydrated so that it is healthy and so that you are able to achieve that summer glow. Don't forget to moisturize both in the morning and in the evening but if you find yourself not able to do so try to do it at least once.

While you are laying out in the sun the most important skin care tip is: SUN CREAM!
As someone who tans extremely easily I have a strategy when it comes to my protection. The first two days I use SPF 50, then I go to SPF 30 for another two days, and finally I alternate between SPF 30 and SPF 15 until the last day when I use SPF 5 (which literally doesn't do anything when it comes to protection and therefore is a bad but... urgh, do it for the tan??!).´
I alernate the SPF levels so that my skin gets used to the sun exposure and so that I am able to get a good tan. It is worth mentioning that whenever I am at the beach during those peak sun times 12am-3pm, I always put on SPF 50 when I touch up my sun cream so that I do not burn and also, skin cancer!
Another important thing is sun cream intended for the face. When it comes to my face I do not mess around. It is SPF 50 all the way, and not the same as my body sun cream either. I choose a separate one which is made intentionally for the face because they usually come with moisturizer which keeps my skin smooth and burn free.

Taking care of your skin after being in the sun is just as important as preparing your skin and taking care of it during exposure. Why? Because this is when your skin heals from the exposure and this is when you can make it so that you maximize and prolong your tan.
Cleanse your face and moisturize so that you tackle your pores and keep your face nice and clean.
Be sure to wash your hair and take care of your scalp gently, it is skin too afterall, and it is affected by the sun as well.
Be sure to use a light exfoliant from time to time during your holiday so you clear out and take care of any pealing skin.
And... MOISTURIZE! So that your skin is healthy and therefore your tan can last longer.

Hope you guys like the tips, maybe you already follow some of them, maybe you have other tips that you would like to share! Be sure to leave a comment. I would love to know more.
Lots of Love

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