Book Club: 'Capture Your Style' by Aimee Song

Hey Guys!
Unlike the other 'Book Club' posts that I've done where I have actually read the book that I'm reviewing, this time I wanted to talk about Aimee Song's book - Capture Your Style which will be releasing in Fall 2016.
I was introduced to Aimee's blog - Song of Style by my best friend and quickly became a fan. It's been really cool to see how far the blog has gone in the last couple of years and this book is a clear sign that Aimee is doing something right.
I have a HUGE amount of instaenvy, I mean have you seen her feed?! I am dying to get my hands of her book which focuses on the curating process for any instagram feed and seeing her acheivements, I am curious to see which tips I can use from her.
Also, not to be overlooked is the fact that Diane Von Furstenberg wrote the foreword to the book, further establishing the fact that this book will be worth the $!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday break. Out here in the countryside there is minimal amount of internet and I have to say a part of me is happy because I get to rest but another part is antsy and craving access to the online world.

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