Rotterdam Spots: SUE

Hey Guys!
Today’s post is about SUE. I recently heard about SUE when I went to one of my favourite healthy spots, Sajoer. SUE is a really cute café where you can get a quick bite to eat or sit down and snack on something more filling.
SUE’s little raw vegan dessert bites are famous around town for being delicious and it sure looked to be true.
For anyone that is a little bit OR a lot health conscious, this is a really great place to check out – not to mention they have a really nice store display filled with everyday pantry items that you can buy to take home.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!

  2. This must be such a great place, thanks for sharing!

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    Tamara xxx

  3. I'm a big fan of coffee shops and cafes. And this one looks cute and perfect for writing or reading. Nice post!

  4. This place looks so familiar! I think I've seen it on Insta before. It looks so lovely. Maybe someday I can visit! Thanks for sharing and great photography. :)


  5. Cutest little spot!! I loveeee

    Sabrina |