Rotterdam Spots: Spirit & Gimsel

Hey Guys,
The Groene Passage, translated into the 'Green Passage' is a small shopping complex that houses a really nice vegan and vegetarian restaurant, Spirit, and one of the best organic supermarkets in the country, Gimsel.

What I love about Spirit is that the restaurant is set up as a buffet concept but instead of paying a fixed amount, you pay for the quantity of food you intend to eat. For the past couple of months I have been trying to be more aware of what I am eating so it is nice to go to a place where I can trust that everything will be healthy.

Remember the time I went to Stach? Well, Gimsel is exactly the same concept except much larger. I have never been to an organic supermarket this huge. It is one of my favourite places to shop, especially for fruit because I am able to know exactly where it comes from. Another great things about the size is that this means that there is so much more variety.

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