The Perfect Gift for Your 20s

A couple of months ago I was really worried about turning 20. It was hard for me to comprehend how to go from being a 'teen' to a full on adult. Sure, turning 18 was special but it was more about the excitement of all the things that I would be able to do. 
Turning 20 feels like the beginning of the rest of my life. I feel like I see an aura of promise and opportunity that I cannot wait to explore. 

Choosing a birthday gift is always quite hard for me because I never know what I want. Sure, there are many things I would like to have but when I am faced with the opportunity of owning them it is always quite nerve-wracking. 
I knew that I wanted something special for my 20s. Something that I would keep forever and would always know the sentiment and meaning behind it. After A LOT of searching I found this wonderful brand, Anna Westerlund Ceramics. At first I thought it would be an unconventional gift to get something kitchen/house related but a little voice inside my head said that having left my parent's home this year getting something of this kind couldn't be more appropriate. 
I chose some of my favourite pieces to share with you guys and I already have plans to stop by the stores to choose something special for myself. 

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful Spring and almost Summer weather - the weather is really nice here in Rotterdam, I cannot wait to go back to Portugal so that I can pick up my summer wardrobe now that the sweaters are going back into hiding!

(Photos from the Anna Westerlund Website)

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