Crushing On: Naked by Urban Decay

Hey Guys,
I've been looking forward to doing a beauty post since December. I bought my first proper make-up palette in December, the Naked Smoky. I used to be super weird about make-up, not wanting to invest in it, learn how to use it properly, and actually wearing it. I thought I would do it wrong, and I didn't want to be ridiculed for looking funny. 

However, being best friends with a girly girl was the best motivator for getting out of my comfort zone and experimenting a little. 

I decided to purchase the naked smoky because I realised that I needed some cool stuff for nights out - uni life and all. But now in May, I was in the airport on my 20th birthday coming back to Rotterdam when I passed the Urban Decay stand at the airport. I was curious so I decided to hang around and see what products they had and ended up leaving with the Naked 3 palette and the Original Primer.

I have had the Naked 3 palette for two weeks so far and it's already my day-to-day saviour. Every eyeshadow necessary in one place that gives you a natural yet feminine look. 

For the ultimate lazy girl like me - I know that it may seem like make-up is a lot of work, unnecessary work. But what I've gotten to know is that make-up done right will serve to highlight what is already so awesome about you. There are countless videos on YouTube with beauty gurus who have already experimented with the palette endlessly and who are now able to guide you in your experimentation process.

Hope you decide to leave your comfort zone a little bit - and for those of you that already do - keep doing you! ๐Ÿ’•

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