Amsterdam Sights: STACH

Hey guys! 
I was so excited that I found Stach in the street after having gone there almost a year ago and forgotten the name and location of the store. Stach is such a cool store that offers healthy food options and really cool products that I didn't even know existed. 
I have always hated being healthy because I saw it as having a boring diet but I have seen that light and realised that not being healthy is simply not an option. Before I came back to Amsterdam I went to see a nutritionist and am currently changing my eating habits (more of this to come later on the blog). Keep reading and check out the wonderful space. 

The store at first looked a bit small and crowded but I also feel like these two descriptions are what make it such a special place in the end because it feels like this is a store where you will find everything you're looking for and that is the truth. We walked in trying to understand if the store even carried the products we were looking for and then realising that not only did it offer what we wanted but had different brand options etc. 

Just because this is a healthy store doesn't mean that we won't find some naughtiness available because the truth is, in life we need some balance, we need the good and the bad, all in a reasonable amount of course. 

Juicing is something that I am just recently getting into. For the past couple of months I have really embraced how good raw juices are and how it is something that must be integrated into having a healthy diet. I was definitely curious to check out the juices that were offered and they all looked yummy. 

Ahhhh sweet stuff! I have a huge sweet tooth - I am definitely a savoury person but whenever I have sugar cravings it becomes a war zone. I thought these fudge treats looked so good... I was dying! 

I hate cereal bars because they can have such an dull taste but I found these so curious because I had never seen any made with pumpkin or beetroot. I found it all quite refreshing. 

I love to snack, its seriously my main downfall in life, snacking. I was checking out the juices when I looked down and saw these super cute baskets with crunchy fruit crisps were awesome. 

When you want to be healthy on the go it can be really hard at times so I thought the idea of having these pre-made meals that looked so delicious and were healthy as well was such an amazing product to offer. 

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