Amsterdam Sights: Our Lord in the Attic Museum

Hey Guys,
This is one of the places that I was most excited to share with you. Dad decided to surprise everyone by taking us to this museum unexpectedly. Turns out that there was a time in Holland where a lot of people weren't allowed to worship their religions in public; due to this restriction a lot of clandestine churches were being created in people's houses where groups of people would gather to worship in private. 
I loved how amazing the church was. I have visited A LOT of churches and I never expected to find something so elaborate in the attic of a house. 

The house wasn't just for religious purposes, it was also living quarters, fully equipped with bedrooms and kitchens. 

This is actually a really cool thing that I found thanks to the audio guide - they pealed layers of the wall to try and find the original colour to do the restoration. 


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