The Monserrate Park & Palace

Now that I'm living abroad I like to make sure that each time I go home I am appreciating everything to its fullest. 
I haven't been home as often as I'd like but the more I am away the more I've come to realise that I like being abroad and having my space too! 
These photos were taken in December, I wasn't blogging at the time and now that I am back in full swing I thought it was important to shared these wonderful photos with you guys in the hopes that you're going to love them and visit Monserrate yourself. 
There is still another 'catch-up' post on the way from our visit to Évora. I know I still haven't documented Rotterdam here on the blog but trust me, once exams are out of the way I have a lot of cool posts coming your way. 
A trip back home is in order and when I come back, the family is joining me for a couple of days in Amsterdam. Excitement levels are high!

The Monserrate Palace is an exotic site that was built with a beautiful garden that had numerous exotic plants embedded into it. Today the garden is blossoming making it a spectacular place to go for a stroll. 

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  1. Stunning photos, wow!
    Bonjour from FRANCE, Sand.