Making Friends In A New City

When I decided on studying abroad I didn't realise all the things that were about to change; one of the most important being - MAKING NEW FRIENDS!
Given the fact that I've been going to the same school since I was 11, its been a while since I had the challenge of making new friends. Sure along the years I've met new people but I had the security of knowing that I could call up my bestie & the girls and we would be able meet up.

Its been a daunting process and there have been a lot of superficial/small talk situations but I have learnt something really important throughout this process.


That's all it is. Say yes to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Whether its a coffee date, shopping spree, a party, or even a study group - SAY YES! ...even if you don't want to do those things... 


Because it takes the edge off, it helps you build a friendship based on shared experiences. You'll make new memories with new people and thats very important. Sure, you might feel like staying home and cuddling with your Netflix but you can come back to that later. 
Yes, the experience might not work out perfectly or it could be totally horrible, but at least you'll learn something from it. After all, 'in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take'.

Lots of Love,

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