Achieving The Perfect Bedside Table

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, its where you go to every night in order to relax. I don’t know how anyone would be able to relax in a room that isn’t decorated to sooth who they are. 

Obviously, my definition of a perfect bedside table might not be the same as yours but what I love about this bedside table is the fact that it is minimal in terms of clutter and yet has so much personality going on. 

Achieving This Look:

Wall Art: Choose art that has a colour palette that matches the overall look of the room. If you walls are white, your headboard is a nude or a black colour, then you can afford to display some colour. If your headboard has a pattern like the one above then you have to make sure that the artwork goes cohesively with it.

Plants: There is something about live plants that I find soothing. I can’t explain it, it just is. If you can afford, and have the patience, to have fresh flowers or another plant DO IT! It will be a weekly ritual that you will feel pleasure in. Some people can’t maintain live plants so they purchase fake ones – no shame it that! 

Books: My mum likes to say that you should only have one book on your bedside table – the book you’re reading! However, I believe that you could opt for having a couple of ‘show’ books that are a piece of art in their own right. 

Other Items: You could put a little porcelain dish on top of the ‘show’ books and the porcelain dish could hold miscellaneous pieces of jewellery or perhaps a scented candle.

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  1. Great tips. My bedside table is simply covered with books because I just want to read them all at once!
    April xx

    April Rose Pengilly